I am going to be 100% honest with you, when I saw that Beeg.com was on my review list, I kind of laughed a little bit.
Why? Because I jerked off on that site so many fucking times, I adore the bloody site.

Did I hear NO ADS?  The site used to have no ads whatsoever which made browsing and click super easy, however it seems they have added a few banner ads on the video player, and 2 more on the right side of the video pages. (still not a lot compared to the dozen you can find on other big porn Tubes.)beeg_tags


Another good thing is the simplicity of the site, no crazy amount of member profiles, mail boxes and countless gimmicks. We do understand that for the majority of the surfers the lack of functionality will deter them from using the site. ( for that reason we have to give it a lower “Interface” score)
You have clear thumbs, categories and a search box… and those are just for starters, check out the quality of the videos, fast buffering/streaming, clear videos and sound =fucking awesome!

They do have daily updates keeping the front page always fresh with new clips, pretty much every clip is in HD quality. The downside of having high quality clips is the the low amount of videos available, we counted around 23k videos total.

Last but not least they categories (called tags) that make sense and that are hard to find elsewhere. likeMoney, 30-39 years Old ( I don’t know about you but I like checking out girls that are actually my age or a bit older) , Stepsister and Streetthose aren’t very common on other Tubes but very popular in today’s porn Industry.

The site performance is also pretty high with a 77/100, super light front page size with a tiny 970Kb (great loading time)
I pulled out some numbers (below) for our Techie readers. Cheers!



Beeg.com Review

Beeg.com Review

Content Quality


    Content Quantity


      Stream Speed






            What we liked:

            • No pop up ad
            • Very Few banner ads
            • Fast Video streaming
            • Mobile Friendly
            • Simple User Interface

            What sucked:

            • NO GIF's and Pictures avalaible
            • No Bookmark options
            • Lack of Amateur content
            • No Member Profiles
            • No Translation (English Only)
            • Low amount of clips