The well known website is a massive and ancient tube site, it’s been around since 1997 and probably carries the largest amount of porn videos.

Now, don’t get fooled, being old school doesn’t make it less cool.The site packs a punch, super fast streaming videos and a huge amount of categories to choose from. (Check out the real Amateur category) Once again (and I hate to say it) adding a pop up/ ad blocker can enhance your user experience.  (especially if you are in a rush and only using one hand ) The video pages carry around 6/7 banners each and one pop up so be warned 😉

Xvideos front page design is and always has been very simple, very light, which i guess could be a good thing (pages load pretty fast) , and no matter where you’re from, chances are the site is translated in your native language.

Now, what i REALLY love about the site is the ability to find porn in your language, so for example if you are from Israel and want Israeli porn, you’re 2 clicks away!

Downloading, liking, commenting, account creating and many more features are also present on the site.

I hope you enjoyed our quick (but honest) review, don’t forget to bookmark us and check often for fresh reviews on, see you guys soon!

Xvideos Review

Xvideos Review

Content Quality


    Content Quantity


      Stream Speed






            What we liked:

            • Amount of Videos
            • Translated in 17 languages
            • Super Fast Video streaming
            • Mobile Friendly
            • Real Amateur Selection
            • Fast Loading Site (1.23 sec)
            • International Porn

            What sucked:

            • Banner ads (2 on the front page)
            • Pop up on Video page